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The buyer also should be careful if in a chain of contracts of purchase and sale there is a transaction made by the attorney acting under the "general power of attorney" issued by the person who was at that time the owner of the apartment. The former owner can declare subsequently that actually he charged to the attorney to make an apartment exchange with surcharge and was entered by it into delusion concerning character of the transaction connected with its apartment.

By the general rule any person to whom the subject of pledge belongs on the property right or the right of economic maintaining can be the depositor. In the latter case for delivery of any property as a deposit it is necessary to receive a consent of the owner of this property or the body authorized by it.

Pledge of the apartment which is the general joint property can be carried out only with the consent of all owners. _ 54_0 If it is about common ownership, the owner of a share can put the share without consent of other owners. It should be noted that pledge of the apartment which is property of the member of the cooperative which completely paid the share is carried out in the same order, as for the privatized apartments.

chesky shares, but not concrete real parts of the apartment. Only the order of use of concrete parts in the presence of the agreement between owners on such order of use which earlier took place notarially certified and registered in BTI according to shares of participants can be specified.

If the apartment is the general share or joint property, its alienation demands a consent of other participants of the general property. Such consent has to be given in writing and certified by the notary. Besides, it can be certified in a residence or a place of work.